Infrared (IR) lamps for IR intermediate dryers




Ltd. "Reklamnaya sreda" offers special infrared lamps rapid start-dry textile plastisol inks basis. The use of infrared lamps in the textile industry to speed up the process of hardening of paint, but also improves the quality of the printing.

Presented infrared lamps are used in the IR intermediate drying for textile printing. During the start when working in the IR intermediate drying, heat lamps produce a powerful light, and heat flux. When after a specified amount of time lights are turned off. This method of drying of printed products worked well when working together with high-speed roundabout textile machines.

The main advantages of infrared (IR) lamps - this economy, reliability, durability and safety. When operating the infrared lamps do not emit harmful substances and odors.

Our company has the ability to manufacture the infrared lamp according to Your sketches or samples, in any quantity with observance of all rules, regulations, state Standards.