Geo Aquapearl paint with the effect of "shining shimmering"




Pearl Base - screen inks water-based with the effect of "shining shimmering" give when you print on fabric with countless hues, which shimmer depending on the angle of view. Allow paint to soft to the touch, the “shimmering” effect on any type of fabric, natural or synthetic, white or colored.


Color palette



*Description of print options is available on request for each of the colors.


Special recommendation

• test for drying are required prior to beginning the print run. Insufficient or excessive drying will result in poor stability of the print to wash, and poor adhesion of paint. The temperature on the surface of the impression with intermediate and final drying must be monitored with a pyrometer or other means;

• responsibility for the correct selection of paint to a printing material lying on the technologist or the printer responsible for making paint and printing options;

• before printing the paint should be stirred;

• decrease the viscosity of the paint (when diluted) affects opacity;

• for any application not referred in this manual, necessary to carry out preliminary tests or to consult a specialist.