Self-adhesive film for printing advertising graphics

Self-adhesive film 3551

Composition: PVC, thickness: 70 µm.

Self-adhesive film 3105

Composition: PVC, thickness: 80 µm.

Self-adhesive film 3640

Composition: PVC, thickness: 80 µm.

Self-adhesive film 3164

Composition: PVC, thickness: 100 µm.

Self-adhesive film 3107

Composition: PVC, thickness: 110 µm.

Photoluminescent self-adhesive film 3930

Composition: PVC, thickness: 150 µm.

The company "Reklamnaya sreda" offers self-adhesive films for large format printing advertising graphics (made in Germany).

Adhesive tape – material for wide format printing of full color images for short and long applications. Using adhesive tapes you can create printed materials for a variety of purposes and objects: billboards, shop Windows, exhibition stands, for decorative facades and buildings.

Adhesive tape has many advantages. It can be used for printing various types of advertising, affordable, abrasion resistant, has excellent color rendition and long life. Vinyl film equally well manifest themselves when used as outdoor advertising and when placed indoors. They are resistant to changes in temperature, not exposed to rain and snow. May have a white or transparent front side with matte or glossy surface. On the back side of the tape coated with a special adhesive layer, whereby greatly simplified the process of installing promotional materials.