Transparent easy-adhesive film Eco-sol Window Graphic Clear PET EWGCL110



Basis: polypropylene.

Density: 205 g/m².

Roll width: 127, 152 cm.

Roll length: 30 m.

Light transmission: 91%.

Printing: aqueous, latex, UV inks.

Application: window graphics, interior design.

Manufacture: Korea.


Transparent removable polyproylene adhesive film on silicone basis. Film with innovative technology adhesion on "micro-suckers" allows easy Assembly and disassembly of advertising in just a few seconds. The reusability of such a film allows to significantly save the budget. The film is a great toy based on silicone environmentally safe and recyclable. Designed for use inside buildings (indoor).


It is recommended to work with material in cotton gloves, to avoid contamination of the surface of the printed material.

It is not recommended to fold the film, the surface of the material may be damaged, the creases will remain.

Recommended temperature when printing: 15-30°C recommended humidity 30-50%. Too high pre-heating temperature may lead to deterioration of print quality or the color difference. Recommended storage conditions: temperature of 10-25°C, humidity 20%.

Recommendations for assembling the film:

Prepare the surface on which is installed protector – clear with water from dust and dirt.

Moisten the surface with water before installing the film (optional).

Remove the end face protective film and gently apply to the pasted over surface.

Align all sides of the tape and then slowly remove the substrate at the same time sticking the tape to the surface.

Smooth the film with a squeegee or rubber roller from the middle to the edges.

To align the film slowly move it on the surface.