Photoluminescent self adhesive print film 3930



Basis: PVC.

Thickness: 150 µm.

Type of substrate: silicone paper with double-sided polyethylene coating, 145 g/m².

Type of glue: polyacrylate adhesive, solvent-based, providing permanent adhesion.

Gluing temperature: +8°C.

Roll width: 137, 152 cm.

Roll length: 10, 25 m.

Surface: light yellow, glossy.

Printing: solvent, latex, UV inks.

Application: manufacture of evacuation plans, marking dangerous areas.

Service life: 5 years.

Manufacture: Germany.


Three-layer photoluminescent cast PVC film light yellow color that does not contain radioactive substances. Film meets the requirements of DIN 67510 and is suitable for the production of evacuation plans and marking of dangerous areas inside and outside. When used externally, it is recommended to laminate the film with a protective laminate. Photoluminescent film designed for wide format solvent printing, and UV printing and latex inks. Suitable for indoor and short term outdoor applications.


Digital print on self-adhesive film, it is recommended to use cotton gloves, to avoid contamination of the surface of the printed material. Before printing it is also recommended to make a test print of the file with profiling (the settings of the printing equipment and software for printing on a particular type of material).

After printing self-adhesive film with a ready image needs to be left in the expanded position on a flat, clean and dry the vertical surface to complete the ink is dry (recommended 24 hours). The ideal temperature for installation of self-adhesive film of 20-22°C.

To ensure a longer service life of the film is recommended to laminate the finished print. Lamination allows to give the image a glossy sheen, and to preserve color depth and to protect the product from moisture and damage, greatly prolonging its service life.