Self adhesive print film with a removable adhesive 3620



Basis: PVC.

Thickness: 80 µm.

Type of substrate: silicone paper coated on one side coated, 135 g/m².

Type of glue: adhesive polyacrylate, removable, transparent.

Gluing temperature: +10°C.

Roll width: 100, 126, 137, 152 cm.

Roll length: 50, 100 m.

Surface: transparent, white, glossy and matte.

Printing: solvent, latex, UV inks.

Application: street advertising graphics.

Service life: 4 years.

Manufacture: Germany.


Transparent and white print film bright street advertising graphics with removable adhesive. The film has a removable type adhesive, which makes it easy to remove the schedule from the surface after use. Self-adhesive film designed for wide format solvent printing, and UV printing and latex inks. Suitable for short and medium-term outdoor applications.


Digital print on self-adhesive film, it is recommended to use cotton gloves, to avoid contamination of the surface of the printed material. Before printing it is also recommended to make a test print of the file with profiling (the settings of the printing equipment and software for printing on a particular type of material).

After printing self-adhesive film with a ready image needs to be left in the expanded position on a flat, clean and dry the vertical surface to complete the ink is dry (recommended 24 hours). The ideal temperature for installation of self-adhesive film of 20-22°C. After use, the film is easily removed from wall surfaces without leaving residue.

To ensure a longer service life of the film is recommended to laminate the finished print. Lamination allows to give the image a glossy sheen, and to preserve color depth and to protect the product from moisture and damage, greatly prolonging its service life.