Fabric KK 130 for sublimation printing



Composition: 100% polyester.

Density: 135 g/m².

Roll width: 150 cm.

Roll length: 100 m.

Finish: white matt.

Printing: direct printing, thermal transfer.

Application: displays, suspended ceilings and dividing walls, create decorations.

Manufacture: Turkey.


White lightweight brushed fabric that imitates natural cotton fabric, which allows to obtain high-quality images. Designed to transfer images using sublimation paper. Features allow to use this fabric both inside and outdoors.


Sublimation coating is only possible on synthetic fabrics, which can withstand the high temperature of the print (about 210 degrees). This is usually a materials made of 100% polyester. Possible sublimation on canvases blended (at least 50% of polyester), but it is a partial loss of brightness.

Printing takes place under pressure at a temperature of 210 – 230 degrees, staining occurs at the molecular level of the dye pairs. This stamp doesn't wash off, to erase, it does not fade from direct exposure to sunlight. The brightness and quality (up to printing) sublimation on fabric is superior to all other methods of application.