Polyester fabric JM Light Box for digital printing



Composition: 100% polyester.

Density: 145 (+/- 15) g/m².

Roll width: 162, 250, 308 cm.

Roll length: 30, 50 m.

Finish: white matte, water resistant.

Printing: solvent, ecosolvent, littorinidae and UV inks, for use indoors and outdoors.

Application: light boxes, frame construction, suspended ceilings.

Manufacture: Germany.


The fabric is white, with impregnation for light boxes. Bright white synthetic fabric with double-sided polymer impregnation, which allows to obtain high-quality images. Designed for single-sided printing with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV-curable ink. Specially designed cover allows you to use this material for the production of high quality light boxes.

The fabric is water resistant and almost air-tight. These features allow to use this fabric for displays, light boxes, outdoor advertising at various facilities, suspended ceilings and dividing walls.

The material is environmentally friendly ( no PVC), and fireproof (B1) and can be used in premises with high security requirements, such as fire and environmental.

For external use the warranty to 6 months.


In digital textile printing it is recommended to use cotton gloves, to avoid contamination of the surface of the printed material. Before printing it is also recommended to make a test print of the file with profiling (the settings of the printing equipment and software for printing on a particular type of material).

After printing the textile with the finished image must be left in straightened condition on a flat, clean and dry the vertical surface to complete the ink is dry (recommended 24 hours).