Polyester fabric CHU Sail Canvas CY-005 for digital printing



Composition: 100% polyester.

Density: 150 g/m².

Roll width: 112, 152 cm.

Roll length: 30 m.

Finish: white matte, water resistant.

Printing: solvent, ecosolvent, pigmata printing, dye ink, water-based.

Application: a variety of options as in advertising, and in the interior, great for the roller stands.

Manufacture: China.


Lightweight polyester fabric under universal print, covered on one side with a special polymer that provides high whiteness, which allows to obtain excellent prints. Used in the manufacture of all types of interior advertising and design: advertising figures, business and home decors, curtains, decoration of offices, sales areas, exhibition stands and home decor.


In digital textile printing it is recommended to use cotton gloves, to avoid contamination of the surface of the printed material. Before printing it is also recommended to make a test print of the file with profiling (the settings of the printing equipment and software for printing on a particular type of material).

After printing the textile with the finished image must be left in straightened condition on a flat, clean and dry the vertical surface to complete the ink is dry (recommended 24 hours).