Varnish to protect the adhesive Estelan 224



Nail ESTELAN 224 series - a one component nail natural cure. After otverdzheniya has very good resistance to solvents and chemicals. It is mostly used to protect the adhesive series KIWOBOND places bonding grid to the frame from aggressive solvents used in automatic car washes for screen forms. ESTELAN 224 different prevohodnoy stencil adhesion to adhesives, mesh, emulsion, wood and metal.


Apply paint with a brush on ESTELAN 224 previously cured adhesive. Cover with a small margin must cover the width of the adhesive zone to prevent the penetration of the solvent under a layer of lacquer. It is also recommended to conduct a protective varnish occur between the grid and the frame with the squeegee side.

Note: The series adhesives KIWOBOND can varnish after drying / curing for 2-4 hours. After use, you must close the packaging varnish as it hardens on contact with air.

Drying time

About 2-3 hours, depending from the thickness of the layer of varnish, temperature and humidity. Processed frames can be put on top of each other after 5-6 hours.

Ready for

About 2-3 days (at 20 ° C and 60% relative humidity). Curing period can be reduced to about 3 hours in the oven at 80 ° C and high humidity (wet cloth, wash with water, etc.)




Uncured: KIWOSOLV L 74, cured: PREGAN DL

After curing, the protective coating is difficult to remove. Clean all tools immediately after use.

Color: Estelan R 224-04: red, after drying - Colorless; Estelan Y 224-03: light yellow, after drying - Colorless

Viscosity: 55 s (DIN EN ISO 2431-cup, 4 mm nozzle)

Storage: 6 months (at 20 ° C) in a tightly-sealed container.