LLC "Reklamnaya Sreda" offers semi-automatic machines for screen printing (silkscreen) on cylindrical, conical and oval products.

• The design feature of all our stencil machines provide complete elimination of backlash. Which is very important for high quality silk screen printing and scanning works.

• Printing equipment is equipped with equipment for printing on the cylindrical surfaces is intended for monochrome and multicolor printing (mugs, bottles, vials, etc.).

• Depending on the model, vertical lifting and lowering is carried out, or a printed circuit Assembly (frame) or printing (snap), which in both cases provides the convenience of monitoring the paint and screen printing form in the printing process.

• High precision Assembly equipment.

Flatbed semi-automatic equipment for screen printing is widely used for the circular printing medium and large runs. They are able to seal a fairly wide range of materials, such as mugs, glasses, ashtrays, bottles, buckets, bottles, automotive pistons, etc. (piece holders not included). The performance of semi-automatic stencil machine, depending on the complexity of the work can be up to 1300 kreschatyska per hour. Semi-automatic screen printing equipment of this type is a structure: a lower level, steel support, which is equipped with printing equipment, control system, upper printing unit.

When deciding on the selection of semi-automatic equipment for circular printing, we should pay attention to the availability of quality tooling, mechanisms for fastening of printing forms. Printed gap - its setting should be performed quickly and to have maximum productivity in Your needs. Quick changeover of equipment helps save time and increase productivity. These important details provide the convenience and ease of combining colors in the setting and application of the product, as well as perfect accuracy of printing for larger quantities. On these machines is printed in high quality multicolour printing products.

Will be happy to answer all Your questions and give advice when choosing equipment for screen printing!