Plastisol ink for screen printing on textiles Epic CMYK


Plastisol paint Epic CMYK for screen printing can achieve a "clean" and saturated colors when printing. These paints are also suitable for printing "wet on wet". Inks have excellent printability. After complete curing of the prints are very soft to the touch.


Color palette


Print options

Types of fabrics

100% cotton and blended fabrics on its basis, we recommend priming white.

Mesh selection

Fine lines: 120-140 threads/cm.

Recommended tension: 25-35 N/cm.

The choice of the doctor blade

Hardness: 75-85 Sh single-layer, three-layer 75/90/75 Sh.

Edge: sharp.

Tilt angle: 60 degrees.

Speed: medium to high.


Emulsion: 2+2.

Printed gap: 2 mm.

The drying parameters

Intermediate drying: 105 °C (220 °F).

Final drying: 160 °C (320 °F).


Additive: 10150FNS Finesse to 20% by weight.

Thinner: no.


Store at temperature 18-32º C.

Avoid contact with direct sunlight.

To use during the year of receipt.


Special recommendation

• When printing on colored fabrics should be pre-printed substrate corresponding paint.

• In the process of washing the raising of the pile, due to the low viscosity inks for color printing. To avoid such problems we recommend printing SuperGuard HT last layer.

• To reduce the risk of occurrence of moiré is recommended to use a mesh 55/120 (line/grid) and 65/140 (lines/grid).

• Use the printing form with a high degree of tension mesh. This will help to achieve the desired results.

• Test before launch into production. Bad curing of the paint at recommended temperatures can result in poor resistance to washing, weak adhesion and unacceptable< wear resistance.

• Mix the plastisol prior to printing.

• Do not expose dry clean, do not bleach and do not iron the sealed region.

• For any application not referred in this manual, necessary to carry out preliminary tests or to consult a specialist.