Ltd. "Reklamnaya sreda" offers copying settings for the display screen printing forms.

Currently we offer several very different models exposing plants, among which you can always pick out the best option, starting directly from the screen frame size , and space in which it is found copying equipment.

We offer you a copy lights, which are used in conjunction with rotary copying frames. This option is directly exposing equipment designed to expose all existing and emulsions of emulsion films. The exposure lamp and hinged copy holder fitted with wheels to adjust the distance between the light and the glass lamp. Lantern also has a height adjustment lamps, depending on the location of screen frame copier. These adjustments will help you choose the best option exposure stencil shapes, nullify the marriage in the exposure, as well as to realize the exquisite design thoughts. In order to greatly facilitate the execution of the work, as well as several times to increase the high quality of the final result, the copy lamp is equipped with a digital timer. Turning the exposure frame is fitted with a powerful vacuum pump for a few seconds will provide a vacuum pressure between the glass and form.

A multifunction copier is considered complex installation for exposing screen printing forms. This installation includes a third device ( copy holder , lamp and copy the drying chamber ) which are formed in a single body Installation is very simple in its application and use, as well as save a considerable amount of time in the manufacture of molds and production area of ??the shop exposure. Unit is equipped with a digital timer and has a very easy, affordable management. The front panel is equipped with a variety of complex copying LEDs, as well as special control buttons. Drying cabinet for drying stencil frames also has control buttons "start", which when triggered to turn the oven and maintain the desired temperature in it, "stop" setting off.

When choosing plants exposing worth to pay attention to nutrition, weight and dimensions. Also, you should choose only those cameras that have the required properties, and are able to satisfy your desires.