Mordant base for bleaching textile Discharge Plus Base


Discharge Plus Base - base mordant stencil for bleaching black and colored*. The work uses a unique liquid activator allows you to print through a very fine mesh (120 threads/cm), which significantly reduces ink consumption while maintaining the high mordant power. To obtain the colour base is coloured as per colour Aqua Tint.

* Before printing the circulation you must check the fabric for its suitability to vetrovka.


Print options

Types of fabrics

100% cotton.

Mesh selection

77-120 threads/cm, depending on the type of printing.

Recommended tension: 25-35 N/cm.

The choice of the doctor blade

Stiffness: sandwich 65/90/65 Sh.

Speed: average.

Tilt angle: 25°.


Emulsion: 2+2.

Printed gap: 2 mm.

The drying parameters

Drying (pickling): 160 °C, 2 minutes.


Additives: pigments Aqua Tint - max. 5% by weight.

Activator: Aqua Discharge Activator SMP up to 16% by weight.

Retarder: Retarder Hydracryl - up to 5% by weight.

Retainer: Special Fixer or Universal Fix for stability to washing - up to 10% by weight.


Store at temperature 18-32º C.

Avoid contact with direct sunlight.

To use during the year of receipt.



• used for printing on fabrics of 100% cotton;

• the service life of the activated ink – up to 6 months, it allows to obtain stable color results when printing;

• bright colors and high detail at low flows due to the increase of mesh numbers;

• soft, pleasant to touch prints;

• the ability to print wet on wet without intermediate drying;

• odorless;

• easy passage through recommended meshes.


Printing guidelines

• for best results, follow the recommended printing parameters and the number of grids;

• avoid excessive pressure on the squeegee when printing;

• printing: two passes without intermediate drying;

• exact drying times cannot be given due to objective differences in power, distance to the heating element of drying, as well as the thickness of the applied layer of paint;

• to increase the speed of production, use mesh higher resolution, which will reduce the drying time;

• to optimize the printing process use a well-strained shape;

• before operation, you need a product 16% of Aqua activator Discharge Activator SMP. Before additive in the paint, the activator should be thoroughly mixed. When specific printing demands, the concentration of activator can be reduced to 10%, but reduced mordant power. Mixed ink to be stored in a dark, cool place.

• before printing you can add 3-5% retarder Retarder Hydracryl, which prevents the thickening of the ink on the printed form. Under difficult conditions printing maximum additive is 8%.

• to further improve the resistance to washing, possible additive 5-10% retainer Special Fixer. The latch is activated at a temperature of 100 °C and does not affect the life of the paint job.

• to clean the screen form in cluding the printing process used water.


Special recommendation

• test for its suitability to vitrivka compulsory before printing. The temperature on the surface of the impression with the final drying must be monitored with a pyrometer or other means;

• responsibility for the correct selection of paint to a printing material lying on the technologist or the printer responsible for making paint and printing options;

• before printing the paint should be stirred;

• for any application not referred in this manual, necessary to carry out preliminary tests or to consult a specialist.