Disk and reciprocating cutters




Model JLS 928-3 JLS 928-1 JLS 929-3 JLS 929-1
Type of machine saber saber disk disk
Format A4 A3 A4 A3
The number of sheets, (70g/m2) 10 10 12 12
The thickness of the foot, mm 1 1 1 1
Long cut, mm 320 420 320 420
Presser foot manual manual mechanical mechanical
Knife drive manual manual manual manual
The function of the perforation - - + +


For the successful functioning of small topographies or the production required a number of different devices. And one of these is not perfectly good paper cutter. It should be noted that this equipment is able to solve many problems even in the standard office, where you often have to deal with documents in printed form.

Paper cutter is a special device used for cutting leaves right before feeding them to the printing, laminating, brochureware or any other equipment. Thus, pruning is applied as directly before printing and after printing production ready products.


Have a reciprocating cutter working principle is somewhat different from the roller cutters. Sharpened knife cutter is clamped on one edge (to avoid injury, it is covered with a protective casing), with his other arm. Lowering it, cut the paper. Reciprocating cutters can cut at a time larger number of sheets than a roller, but the accuracy of them remains within 0.1 mm. Often the equipment of this type is mistakenly chosen for operations that require cutting, precise to fractions of a millimeter, for example, for the manufacture of large quantities of business cards. To improve precision cutting reciprocating cutters is possible by reducing the number of sheets, but will also increase labor costs.

So, saber paper cutters ideal for trimming papers, for fast cutting them into smaller formats, and for thick materials (cardboard, film).

Roller cutters (they are the same disc cutters or trimmer) represent the rectangular base (Desk), along which the guide moves the cutting mechanism. He, in turn, consists of a sharpened metal disk encased in a protective cover. When cutting paper with a knife to be between the roller cutter and the anvil (the plate of hard metal fixed on the end surface of the platform from the side where the cutter moves).

Good disc cutters to perform operations for fast cutting and trimming small amounts of paper. Roller cutters are used in offices, Amateur site, drawing workshops, as well as individually for cutting small batches of business cards, laminated sheets and thin materials (e.g., tracing paper).