Special adhesive Cosmofen Plus HV for bonding a variety of materials from PVC



The basis
Setting time
Full cure
Temp. application
Dissolved PVC
transparent, white
1 min.
24 hours
above +5 °C
200 gr.


Adhesive Cosmofen Plus HV is used for highly specialized enterprises for fast constructive bonding elements from rigid PVC in window manufacturing for the bonding of additional profiles such as, for example, window soffits, sills, louvered slats. Used in plumbing work for the bonding of pipes, rainwater gutters, in the production of billboards for constructive bonding structure of hard PVC.

Adhesive Cosmofen Plus HV is characterized by good temperature stability and resistance to UV rays.

Usage instructions

The bonding surfaces be pre-cleaned of dirt, grease, moisture, and other contamination using the cleaner COSMOFEN 20. The fabric or cloth used for cleaning must not leave lint or traces of dyes. Adhesive Cosmofen Plus HV is applied with a snake on one surface straight from the tube. The bonding elements must be connected with each other within the open time (30-60 seconds) and continue to hold, if necessary, to extrude, to achieve functional strength. The adhesive joint can withstand the load of approximately 16 hours. Final solidification of the weld will occur after a maximum of 8 weeks, depending on external conditions. The exact open time and the time required for pressing can be set only by local tests, as it depends on the material, temperature, amount of adhesive applied, humidity, and other criteria.


Store in tightly closed, original containers, avoiding direct sunlight. Shelf life at temperatures from +15°C to +25°C 12 months.