Universal cleaner Cosmofen 20




The basis
Temp. application
The mixture alpaticova hydrocarbon, without odor and contaminants of the chlorinated hydrocarbon
above +5 °C
1 l.


Universal cleaner Cosmofen 20 for removal from the surfaces to be glued are free of dust, grease, dirt, traces of rubber, polyurethane foam and fresh silicone, sealants, tar, bitumen and glue residue from the protective film. It is recommended not to use solvent the surface of the plastics composition Cosmofen 20 (on the basis of aliphatic hydrocarbons, containing aromatic and chlorinated compounds). Part of the cleaner antistatic prevents subsequent contamination of the bonding surfaces. The cleaner Cosmofen 20 has a good effect on many synthetic surfaces in combination with antistatic additives is especially good for exhibition and advertising designs.

Usage instructions

When clean dry surfaces, apply the cleaner on special cloths without lint and necrosadist.

Before cleaning plastic surfaces, unspecified in the specification it is necessary to conduct appropriate testing plastics for resistance to purifier!

You should pay attention to the fact that the content of the antistatic agent may have a negative impact on the adhesion surfaces, if the cleaner is used for cleaning surfaces before gluing!


Store in tightly closed, original containers, avoiding direct sunlight. Shelf life at temperatures from +15°C to +25°C 12 months.