Canvas for printing with solvent inks

Canvas OD KS 009

Composition: 100% cotton, density: 250 g/m².

Canvas CHU Two-side Cotton Canvas CY-014

Composition: 100% cotton, density: 270 g/m².

Canvas OD KS 010

Composition: 100% cotton, density: 295 g/m².

Canvas JM Boticelli

Composition: 100% cotton, density: 310 g/m².

Canvas CHU Heavy Cotton Canvas CY-013

Composition: 100% cotton, density: 430 g/m².

Canvas BN Alaska FAC RMS

Composition: 65% cotton + 35% polyester, density: 300 g/m².

The company "Reklamnaya sreda" offers a wide range of canvases for large format printing (manufacturing in Germany, Holland, Turkey, China).

You can choose canvases for aqueous, solvent and UV printing. Canvases on a natural basis are the ideal choice for printing reproductions of paintings and photographs, which will be a stylish detail for any interior. Thanks to the special coating of the canvas, you can get a great result with a minimum expenditure of ink. Used for large format printing of art prints, decorative print, photographic-quality images. Suitable for printing with solvent, eco-solvent, UV-curable ink. Natural linen canvas has a pronounced texture and the printed image looks natural and rich. Natural canvas is easily stretched on a frame, without deformation of the coating in the places of corner pins.