Canvas cotton-poly blend BN Alaska FAC RMS digital printing



Composition: 65% cotton + 35% polyester.

Density: 300 g/m².

Roll width: 91,4; 106,7; 152,4 cm.

Roll length: 20 m.

Finish: one-sided, glossy.

Printing: solvent, ecosolvent and UV inks.

Manufacture: Holland.


The canvas is a dense material textured surface having the fabric base and one-sided thin plastic glossy or matte vinyl coating that maintains the texture of the fabric. This media is designed for printing high-resolution photographs, art and graphic design, reproductions and copies of paintings. Fluctuations in relative humidity do not affect the properties of the canvas, the quality of printed images and the time the ink is dry on the surface.

Unilateral polymer coating preserves the texture of the canvas and provides an excellent photo quality print. Canvas easily and smoothly stretched on a frame, and the thick, fabric texture gives the finished product expensive, noble appearance.

Canvas of blended fabrics (polycotton). With the printed side of the canvas is covered with a layer of a special white polymer that enables you to print full color images. Ideal for high quality print reproductions.


Digital print on canvas, it is recommended to use cotton gloves, to avoid contamination of the surface of the printed material. Before printing it is also recommended to make a test print of the file with profiling (the settings of the printing equipment and software for printing on a particular type of material).

After printing canvas with a finished image must be left in straightened condition on a flat, clean and dry the vertical surface to complete the ink is dry (recommended 24 hours).