Electronic components run UV lamps



LLC "Reklamnaya sreda" produces electronic components run for any UV lamps.

The company supplies the fiery blocks UV lamps for all known domestic lamps such as DPT 1000 DRTI 3000, TAA 4000, etc., as well as UV lamps imported, used in offset printing, flexographic printing, screen printing, printing, painting and exhibiting Furniture, sterilized water and air, laboratory tests, medicine, etc.

Electronic igniting blocks UV lamps are available in different versions:
• Easy start-up units have only the power button off and the degree of protection.
• Standard units are in addition to ON and OFF button and degrees of protection, digital display, timer (on request), the timer lamp life.
• The maximum complete set of electronic units includes in addition to standard equipment, the ability to smoothly adjust the power of the UV lamp (depending on the type of lamp).

UV lamp launcher unit, is a compact portable device, which optionally can be installed:
• The power button off the unit.
• Digital indicator lamp current.
• Counter lamp life time is the time from the moment the lamp unit. UV lamps resource depends on the manufacturer is on average about 1000 hours.
• Digital timer. Provides control lamp for a given time. (Installed on request, depending on the production process, etc.).
• Automatic short circuit protection RCD (not the device off installation), it protects workers from electrical shock in case of short-installation.
• Emergency stop button «STOP». Designed for emergency shutdown in the event of an emergency or breakdown. In operation, when properly selected modes and adjustment of the equipment may occur fire of dried products. For example, this is due to overheating or unforeseen stoppages articles in the drying zone. In such situations, it is necessary to urgently stop the installation by clicking on the stop button to raise the UV emitter, extinguish, and remove the product from the drying zone.

These power supplies do run the UV lamp instantaneous, soft (which extends lamp life) and have the opportunity to work at low ambient temperatures.

The company produces a range of standard power supply units UV lamps, but also have the ability to produce units run on your data.

Manufacturing units run UV lamp is made based on the technical characteristics of the UV lamp such as the rated power of the UV lamp, voltage transducer, current transducer, ignition voltage, short circuit current, voltage, geometric data, or on the basis of process data material process.

Our company supplies all the necessary components for self-assembly UV dryers: reflectors, uv lamp, throttle, electronic control units, electronic ballasts, frequency converters, conveyor mesh, exhaust fans and cooling fans, quartz glass, etc.