Clichés photopolymer alkaline ALUCOREX


Alucorex plates-material for self-production of clichés for pad printing company Bungard Elektronik KG (Germany). The plates are made of a special anodized aluminum alloy, which is coated with a light-sensitive layer protected by a self-adhesive film.

The advantages of plate ALUCOREX

  • printing properties comparable to thin steel clichés (print runs up to 100,000 thousand impressions);
  • easy processing (the whole process takes 5-10 minutes);
  • a constant depth of etching.


Technical characteristics of the plate ALUCOREX

  • plate thickness: 1mm;
  • etching depth: 20 µm, fixed;
  • polymer layer: light-soluble, green;
  • development: alucorex special developer;
  • size of plates: any according to the customer.


To work you will need:

  • film with a negative image (film, IMAGESETTER or laser printer);
  • exposure chamber (preferably with vacuum clamp);
  • special developer ALUCOREX;
  • water.


Layout preparation and film output

The layout is prepared on a computer in graphics programs for working with vector graphics (Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, etc.). the Film can be displayed on any photo-set machine or on a high-quality laser printer on a special film type KIMOTO. The image must be mirror and negative. The size of the black field should correspond to the size of the plate.



The plates are exposed by contact method in the exposing chamber with UV lamps with the maximum spectral characteristics in the region of 370-420 nm. For best results, use a chamber with a vacuum clamp.

Order of exposure:

  • place the film with a negative image on the glass of the exposing chamber emulsion layer up;
  • remove the blue protective film from the surface of the plate;
  • put the plate on the film with the layout. The emulsion layer of the film (photo) or toner (KIMOTO) must be adjacent to the plate;
  • to make the exposure. The exposure time for the vacuum chamber is 250 seconds (approximate exposure time is given and may differ from the actual exposure time). For other cameras the exposure time is selected experimentally.


Film development

Use only the SPECIAL alucorex developer to develop the image. To obtain the developer, dissolve the granulated concentrate bag in 1 liter of distilled water at room temperature.

The order of development:

  • place the exposed plate in a plastic or glass bath so that the solution completely covers the surface of the plate. After a few seconds, the image will begin to appear;
  • use a soft brush or brush to remove reaction products until a metallic Shine appears. After 3-4 minutes, small gas bubbles will appear on the surface of the plate. This indicates that the development is over;
  • at the end of the development, wash the cliché in running water. To wipe the cliché, it is recommended to use paper napkins or a soft cloth. After the development and washing inside the image should not be gray or green dots.

If all the above conditions have been met, the normal depth of the cliché is 20 µm.

Before printing, wipe the cliché surface with alcohol or acetone.

To increase the run-time, place the plate in boiling water for 10 minutes.

To reuse, clean the paint cliché with solvent.


Features of working with the developer

Keep fresh solution in a glass or plastic container with a sealed lid. The developer in a leaky package loses its properties after a few hours.

Never mix a fresh developer solution with an old one. Use the developer in the amount necessary for the development.


Security regulations

All work with the developer to produce rubber gloves and goggles. In case of contact with skin, rinse with water. Keep away from children. Don't drink!


Possible difficulties in the process of manufacturing clichés and ways to eliminate them






Way of solution

The image appears, but is not completely washed out


Insufficient exposure time


To increase the exposure time


Fuzzy lines


Poor contact of the film with the plate during exposure


To ensure the quality of clamp


Long-term development



Spoiled developer

Too weak or too cold solution


Prepare a new solution

Prepare a new solution or heat the solution to normal temperature


Points on the plate surface





Time of development exceeds the norm

Too strong a solution of developer

The solution is poorly mixed

Poor quality layout


To reduce the time of development

Prepare a new solution

Mix the solution thoroughly

Prepare a new layout


The print does not "cover" the surface


Insufficient depth of clichés (too early to finish developing)


Prepare a new cliche