Catalog of post-printing equipment

Post-printing equipment

  • Laminators

    Laminators machines designed for laminating documents in a plastic film, which improves their appearance and protects from contamination and mechanical damage, increases the degree of protection of the document. Suitable for companies and security departments of admissions, organizing exhibitions who want to produce a badge or badges.

  • Disk and reciprocating cutters

    Paper cutter is a special device used for cutting leaves right before feeding them to the printing, laminating, brochureware or any other equipment. Cutters are able to solve many problems even in the standard office, where you often have to deal with documents in printed form.

  • The trimmers corners

    The trimmers corners rounded corners in cards, calendars, postcards, photographs and other printed materials. Used in offices, copy shops and printing houses. The trimmers are designed to work with paper (or laminated paper), cardboard and thin plastic.

  • Stitchers

    The stitchers (binder) - in other words, the binder or binding machine. For easy storage, organizing and retrieval of documents, the finisher holds a stack of paper into a neat bundle. Depending on the type of finisher, the binding is made or metal or plastic springs.